photo de Nada Gambier


— Nada Gambier

— Étienne Guilloteau

— Claire Croizé


Nada Gambier is an eclectic artist whose work is linked to theater, dance, performance and visual arts. Her repertory consists of installations, stage works and works made for various public and private spaces. She studied dance in London (London Contemporary Dance School at The Place 1997-2000) and Brussels (P.A.R.T.S. research cycle 2000-2002). Since 2003 Nada has been making her own work. Between 2003 and 2008 she was an artist in residence in WpZimmer in Antwerp and in 2008 she founded the company Action Scénique together with her colleagues Etienne Guilloteau and Claire Croizé (-2016). From 2010-2012 she was also a research artist in residence with L'L in Brussels. In 2015 Nada founded her own company Nada & Co. that from 2017 onwards will produce most of her activities. Nada creates in the space between reason and non-sense and enjoys the potential that arises from the collision between facts and fiction, performativity and spontaneity. Her work often flirts with the borders between theatricality and abstraction and she is drawn to things that she doesn't understand or cannot grasp. For Nada the creative process is about moving from an intuitive place to a place where an inner logic appears, specific to the combination of the different elements brought into the process. The non-spectacular, the absurd and an ongoing desire to reveal the extraordinary in ordinary life belong to her most known trademarks as an artist.
Recently she has developed a growing interest in looking for strategies that open up the separation between research, creation process and public event. Nada's interests stretch from theatricality to physicality and she regularly reinvents what that might mean for her, expanding the parameters within which she functions. Over the years Nada has created several pieces for the stage; Confessions- the Autopsy of a Performance (2003), Act of Living- Catalogue of Failure (2006), Once upon a time in Petaouchnok (2008) and Fiction in Action (2012). In 2013 she made a series of video installations called Mechanics of Emotion (A portrait, Spectator and The weight of invisible pain). In 2013/14 Nada created Untamed Thingliness and We are no longer here, two short performances made to fit diverse spaces and contexts (stages but also gallery spaces, warehouses, apartments etc). At the end of 2014 Nada began working on Monstrous Encounters of Clowns- An attempt to swallow the world, a two year process during which she created the performance/ concert Block 1, the performance/ installation Block 2 and Block 3, a performative reading and a film on loop as well as a group creation that took the form of a performance/installation. Nada also collaborates on other artists' projects as a performer and artistic advisor. She has worked a.o. with Kate McIntosh (Untried Untested), Edit Kaldor (Point Blank and Work),
Charlotte Vanden Eynde (beginnings endings, I’m sorry it’s (not) a story and Shapeless), Diederik Peeters (Hulk), Forced Entertainment (The Last Adventures) and Tim Etchells (The Exhibition of a Film, a project curated by Mathieu Copeland in London). This year (2016) Nada worked with Maria Jerez on the project AQUÍ TRABAJA UN ARTISTA (Nada goes to school), a project in collaboration with CP PARQUE ALUCHE and CA2M in Madrid as well as with Forced Entertainment on From The Dark, an 8 hour, reworked version of Who Can Sing A Song To Unfrighten Me? comissioned by The Foreign Affairs festival in Berlin. In the summer she was involved in the process of Places of Interest by Phil Hayes and in November she will premiere These are my principles... together with Phil in Zurich. Throughout the season 2016/17 Nada also continues touring with Simone Aughterlony and Jorge Léon the performance Uni*Form. ​Alongside this Nada is busy planning and preparing a new long-term project called The Voice of a City (2017-2019) for which she will collaborate with Mark Etchells and Thomas Kasebacher.